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"Successful organizations have no choice but to create new paths for how to develop new breakthrough innovative products and services because no existing roadmap may exist. This is not only true for early-stage start-ups. Organizations that are initially successful cannot rest on previous accomplishments. To encourage innovation, leaders must resist complacency as they continue to face increasing demand for more successes, and they need to set the expectation with employees that the ways things have been done before may no longer work."

Driving Innovation Forward

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Strategic Planning

And-One Consulting advises boards and executive teams on building solid, durable strategies to deliver high-value, high-quality, innovative healthcare solutions to the diverse array of stakeholders who participate in healthcare product and service decisions, including patients, clinicians, regulators, payers, healthcare systems and policy-makers. We use an integrated, rigorous approach that starts with customer/stakeholder insights, evaluation of the competitive landscape, definition of unmet needs, and development of the target product/service profile that will provide a compelling value proposition to all customers.

Operational Planning

We work with the organization's management to reduce complexity and create and implement a fully integrated and efficient R&D, manufacturing and commercialization plan using a "design to cost" approach in which cost and quality are required targets for all design and development processes. Final and intermediate goals are clearly articulated to ensure alignment across all functions and efficient management of resources, expenses and timelines. We help company leaders develop a clear, timely communication plan to convey the strategy and operational plans to employees, the management team, board of directors, investors, media and other external stakeholders.

Due Diligence

We provide an independent, thorough evaluation of potential investment, licensing, and acquisition opportunities for investment firms and product and service companies. These assessments include evaluation of technical, regulatory, manufacturing and commercial risk, organizational capabilities, additional resource requirements and the adequacy of pre-clinical, clinical, manufacturing, regulatory and commercialization plans.

Executive Development

To create and maintain a culture of innovation, the executive team must ensure that employees are aligned with leadership on vision (our aspiration of what we want to achieve), mission (what we do and for whom), strategy (the road map that sets direction to achieving our vision) and values (what we stand for and the core behaviors that guide our actions). Once clear on vision and mission, the strategy for reaching the organization’s goals must be developed and communicated.

We work with executive teams to improve leadership effectiveness and create a sustainable, high performance culture of innovation. These efforts include group exercises with the leadership team as well as coaching of individual executives.