Defined Health


Defined Health is a leading biopharmaceutical business development strategy consulting firm whose clients include a mix of senior executives at pharma, biotech, specialty pharmaceutical, drug delivery and investment firms. Defined Health's consultants hold advanced degrees in science, medicine and business, and have industry experience in business development, commercial evaluation, finance, licensing, drug discovery and R&D. Our client engagements range from assessments of compounds and technology platforms in development from pre-clinical through Phase IV, forecasting, indication prioritzation and sequencing, and development and life cycle management, reformulation and repurposing strategies. Defined Health possesses an unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge across and deep within therapeutic and disease areas, having completed nearly 4,000 studies in oncology, CNS, auto-immune inflammatory, cardiometabolics, renal, opthalmology, dermatology, respiratory, infectious disease, GI, urology and other therapeutic categories.

We have an impeccable reputation in the industry, with a unique ability to develop thoughtful, compelling strategies by bridging an understanding of how the science behind an asset drives clinical utility in appropriate patient segments and within the commercial and competitive settings into which those assets will be launched.

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Defined Health annually produces the Cancer Progress Conference, attended by key opinion leaders from academia, various industry segments, government, payers and investors; Therapeutic Insight by Defined Health; and, Insight Series industry briefings on game changing industry topics.