Strategic Intelligence, Inc.


Strategic Intelligence (SI), founded in 2002, is a comprehensive strategy consulting firm focused on the identification and evaluation of new and emerging medical technologies in support of licensing, acquisition, or investment interests of leading players in the medical device industry. The SI team consists of experienced medical device professionals, with each over 25 years of experience in the industry, in a wide range of C-Level roles, from chief executive, operations, research and development, regulatory, marketing and sales, finance, to corporate and business development. We have been privileged to leverage our deep domain expertise to serve leading healthcare companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal Health, and Human Longevity, as well as technology companies that have a strategic interest in healthcare, such as Qualcomm. SI’s core consulting practices include Technology Assessment, Competitive Landscape Mapping, Corporate and Business Development, Strategic Opportunity Scouting, Market Research, Regulatory Consulting, and Venture Development.

As a part of its strategic consulting services, over the past eight years, SI has cultivated a process for systematic competitive landscape mapping, and identification of opportunities that aid in pipeline extension interests, or white space opportunity investments for market leading strategic investors. While many of the large strategics possess a strong internal capability for business development, which invariably supports the core business and is focused on acquiring new revenue opportunities, there often remains a strategic need to identify key disruptive technology developments that could stand to materially impact the core business in extended time horizons. Market leaders need to simultaneously invest in both (supporting core business, as well as disruptive opportunities that will shape the future of their business). Supporting the core business is often best served by internal business development teams, while competitive landscape mapping, and scanning for and identifying key areas of disruption is often best addressed by an independent team that could evaluate opportunities from a fresh perspective. SI has had the privilege to serve in this capacity for a number of organizations both within and outside of the healthcare industry.

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